Prestashop Unable To Add Product Error

After upgrading some of my client’s prestashop to (the latest stable release for now), I was faced with the problem of:

TECHNICAL ERROR : unable to add the product

error message.

This happens when you have ajax cart enable and then try to add an item to the cart. You will first get the pop up error message, but in reality the product has actually been added.

After spending hours online trying to find the answer, including suggestions to enable the “mbstring” lines in the php.ini, but nothing seemed to work.

Eventually I realized where the problem was coming from. The apache server did not have support for mbstring, which was causing the error. After a quick (10 minutes) apache re-compile and restart… it seemed to work. Product was added onto the cart with no problem. But another BIG problem poped up.

I was logged out from prestashop, and it wont let me in again. Loging in does not do anything. What was the problem? Well, the changes in php.ini caused it. I reverted all the changes which I did initially in php.ini and things start to work again….

Ajax problem? It was not ajax and it was not javascript. It was just some php function which was not supported that was causing the Unable To Add Product Error problem.

Prestashop, Apache

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