Prestashop Error – Could Not Open Admin Page

This is the scene, you have been running your Prestashop for quite a while and then suddenly things are not running as they were before.

The symptoms:

  1. Shop pages are running fine
  2. Admin pages are taking ages to load and most of the time will either get timeout, or error 500. You can’t login to the admin page as it does not even load up the login page

Perhaps you have:

  1. Just migrated from one server to another server?
  2. Migrated from one domain name to another?
  3. Updated the shop to the latest version?

Then perhaps you ought to check or do the following:

  1. Check the database settings in the config file, especially if you have just migrated to a new server
  2. Clear the browser cache
  3. Make sure that all files in the systems have the correct read, write and execute permissions, especially files under config/xml
  4. If you have changed the domain name, make sure you upgrade the URL path configuration value in the config file
  5. If you just have updated the shop to the latest version, then you will have to make sure that all plugins / modules etc are still compatible (you didn’t update the live version of the site did you? Surely you would have copied it to a staging server first and perform an update over there first)

If you are still having a problem, perhaps get in touch with us.

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