What Happened To 2017

Wow, happy new year to all! Indra-Design H.Q. had been really busy in 2017 with a number of site updates and databases work.
Hope 2018 will bring even more good fortunes for all.

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MusicHub Up and Running

Yes, it is now official, the site musichub.scot has been successfully launched. If you love old Scottish tunes, Scottish traditional folk music, then you would love the site.

Simon Thoumire, Creative Director of Hands Up for Trad said “I’m so excited about MusicHub. This is a home for anyone who is writing songs and tunes. Not matter what age you are you can upload the sheet music to any tune or song you write. You can use MusicHub to house your complete collection!

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UniqueFlies Site Relaunch

unique-flies-logo-1438109366After being working with UniqueFlies for more than three years, Indra-Design has once again been given the opportunity to upgrade and relaunch UniqueFlies.co.uk main website.

The site, which is an online shop selling fly fishing equipment, has been relaunched together with the launch of their new and exciting ranges of products.

You can have a look at the site at www.uniqueflies.co.uk/


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Indra Design and Hands Up For Trad

HUFT_logo_complete_rgb-150x150Indra-Design HQ has been working closely with Simon Thoumire at handsupfortrad.scot to produce a number of their community sites.

HANDS UP FOR TRAD was formed in 2002 and exists to increase the profile and visibility of Scottish Traditional Music through Information, Education and Advocacy.

Read more about HANDS UP FOR TRAD.

Below are some of their community websites.

(Pictures and website content © Hands Up For Trad)

Screen-Shot-2015-04-14-at-11.48.35 Screen-Shot-2015-04-14-at-11.48.21 Screen-Shot-2015-04-14-at-11.48.05 Screen-Shot-2015-04-14-at-11.47.42 Screen-Shot-2015-04-14-at-11.47.24

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Fettes College Shop Relaunch

Fettes College LogoAfter Magento-Go decided to close down their server, Indra-Design HQ has had the pleasure of performing the migration work from the Go version to their full-on Magento Community Edition for Fettes College Shop.

The migration took place without any major problem. The migration tool provided by Magento-Go people did not work at all (as the data schema between the two versions were not the same) so we had to use some in-house custom scripts instead.

However, one big plus about Magento Community Edition is that it is feature-rich! It is an amazing platform.

Get in touch with Indra-Design if you would like to know more about what we can do for you.


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More Product Shots for uniqueflies.co.uk

UniqueFlies logoOur studio has been rather busy again with more products shots for http://www.uniqueflies.co.uk/.

These beautiful tiny little trout fishing flies are hand-tied and can be purchase from their online shop.

Here are some of the products:


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Magento Go Alternatives

Magento? No, they are closing down. Magento-Go will be officially dead on early next year and there has been no development or updates for a long time for Magento. If you are thinking about Magento, then I can safely let you know that you should just remove it from your options.

Since the announcement by Ebay to end MagentoGo hosting services, we have been receiving a number of emails by our clients asking for the best solution.

If you need to migrate from Magento-Go, to another platform, then you have a number of options (note: Magento Community Edition is not going to be a good option). These options can be grouped into:

  • hosted solution – where they provide you the hosting service and they manage the software / server etc. Example – Shopify
  • self-host solution – you manage 100% of your server/hosting/shopping cart – example – Prestashop

Each of them has pros/cons.

Hosted Solutions Pros:

  • no installation work (all done for you)
  • no server management (lower running cost) – no need to worry about server attack / software updates – they will do everything for you

Hosted Solutions Cons:

  • can be a bit pricier – sometimes you are charged per transaction, on top of what you are already paying to your merchant account – however, the cost saving from the server management means this is not a problem
  • sometimes (depending on the platform) the design (look and feel) of the site might be a bit restricted. All theme development would have to be done according to the their standard. However, this is not a major problem

Self-Hosting Solutions Pros:

  • flexibility to design and code the theme – no limit in what you can do with your shop, you can just put whatever features and theme

Self-Hosting Solutions Cons:

  • server management can be costly – software updates, backup, security, etc
  • PCI compliance – did you ever have to prepare a server to comply with PayPal pro PCI compliance guide? Never go there. Don’t use PayPal Pro solutions if you have to be Level 1 PCI DSS compliant unless you really know how to recompile Apache and create a custom SSL library

What do We Suggest?

If you are currently on Magento-Go and having to move away, then we suggest to go for Shopify. There are many websites that argue what the best platform is. Shopify continues to be noticed and mentioned a lot and this is happening for many good reasons.

Get in touch with us if you are would like to know what we can do to help you.


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Magento Go migration service

With the recent announcement by Ebay that the will be stopping the Magento Go hosted solution, we now have many many unhappy small retailers. Although it is a very inconvenient and time consuming process, all retailers would have to choose to either migrate or shut their shop!

Indra Design can help you with migration from Magento Go to other e-commerce platforms. Get in touch with us if you would like to see all the alternatives out in the market at the moment.

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Forth Invasive Non Native Species website launched

RFFT-LogoWe have been really happy to announce the launch of another site created by Indra Design.

Forth Invasive Non Native Species Programme (I shall call them INNS), is a programme aims to prevent, to monitor and to control the introduction, spread and extent of Invasive Non-Native Species in a sustainable manner on a catchment-wide scale across the Forth District, Scotland.

INNS had been working closely with Indra Design in the past couple of months, defining the requirements for the website as well as putting forward new ideas.

Check out their site at:



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MailChimp Email Newsletters and Marketing

MailChimpDo you need any help with designing your MailChimp template or help with managing your MailChimp account? Indra Design will be able to assist you with all aspects in running a successful MailChimp account.

We have been using MailChimp for a couple of years now and we found that it is the easiest mailing list manager to use. There are many useful features offered by MailChimp compared to other systems.

If you want to know more about how MailChimp can help you with managing your mailing list for marketing or general newsletters, then please get in touch.

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