Magento Go Alternatives

Magento? No, they are closing down. Magento-Go will be officially dead on early next year and there has been no development or updates for a long time for Magento. If you are thinking about Magento, then I can safely let you know that you should just remove it from your options.

Since the announcement by Ebay to end MagentoGo hosting services, we have been receiving a number of emails by our clients asking for the best solution.

If you need to migrate from Magento-Go, to another platform, then you have a number of options (note: Magento Community Edition is not going to be a good option). These options can be grouped into:

  • hosted solution – where they provide you the hosting service and they manage the software / server etc. Example – Shopify
  • self-host solution – you manage 100% of your server/hosting/shopping cart – example – Prestashop

Each of them has pros/cons.

Hosted Solutions Pros:

  • no installation work (all done for you)
  • no server management (lower running cost) – no need to worry about server attack / software updates – they will do everything for you

Hosted Solutions Cons:

  • can be a bit pricier – sometimes you are charged per transaction, on top of what you are already paying to your merchant account – however, the cost saving from the server management means this is not a problem
  • sometimes (depending on the platform) the design (look and feel) of the site might be a bit restricted. All theme development would have to be done according to the their standard. However, this is not a major problem

Self-Hosting Solutions Pros:

  • flexibility to design and code the theme – no limit in what you can do with your shop, you can just put whatever features and theme

Self-Hosting Solutions Cons:

  • server management can be costly – software updates, backup, security, etc
  • PCI compliance – did you ever have to prepare a server to comply with PayPal pro PCI compliance guide? Never go there. Don’t use PayPal Pro solutions if you have to be┬áLevel 1 PCI DSS compliant unless you really know how to recompile Apache and create a custom SSL library

What do We Suggest?

If you are currently on Magento-Go and having to move away, then we suggest to go for Shopify. There are many websites that argue what the best platform is. Shopify continues to be noticed and mentioned a lot and this is happening for many good reasons.

Get in touch with us if you are would like to know what we can do to help you.


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