EU Cookie Law Audit Service

Just a reminder to all that the new EU Cookie Law will come into effect on the 26th of May 2012. All website owners will are required to obtain informed consent from website visitors before they can store any cookies from the website.

Cookie Law Site Compliance Audit

Before you take an action, you will have to find out what exactly are the cookies being used on your site. Indra-Design will be able to run a site audit for you. Not all cookies need to be compliance. Some cookies are categorized as “needed” cookies. These cookies are the ones which are necessary for the site to work, for example cookies related to login procedures or cookies which remember your shopping cart items. On the other hand, some cookies need to be compliance and declared to all your users. These cookies are not under the “needed” cookies.

Does My Website Use Cookies

Almost all modern websites use some sort of cookies in order to function. If you are not sure what cookies are, they are just some values (string of numbers or words) stored on your computer when you are browsing the internet. These cookies are used for many different reasons from remembering your shopping cart items to presenting  you with a targeted advertisement.

The new regulation states that you (website owner) have to make sure that the viewers of your website are fully aware and accept the usage of cookies on your website (assuming that your website uses cookies). This is normally done by presenting viewers with options to read all information regarding cookies which are being used and requesting the viewer to agree by ticking a small tickbox.

What Do I Have To Do?

1. Find out if your site uses cookies or not.

2. If your site does use cookies, you can either:

a. Put an additional page informing all cookies on your website. Additionally, a small tickbox is needed to show that the viewer of your website agrees the cookies being used. (See for an example solution. Note the box on the top of the page where you have to add a tick on the box to accept the cookies).


b. Remove the cookie (might not be possible as some cookies are necessary for the website to work).

If your website contains some sort of login system or shopping cart, then it is 100% sure that your site uses some sort of cookies.

Can I Ignore This?

We hope that you will not ignore this as the fine for not complying with this new guideline is £500000.

What Would Indra-Design Do?

We would prepare an initial check to help you in terms of identifying what cookies are being used on your website.

We will then produce a complete report detailing all cookies used on your site. These report can be used in your site usage policy regarding the usage of cookies.

Additionally, depending on the result we will also advice you with the necessary actions.

Please get in touch by emailing

More Information

To find out more about what you need to do pleaseget in touch with us.


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